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American Farmhouse

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Main house of Farmhouse with expansive front porch.
An American Farmhouse custom designed and built by Kolby Homes

The farmhouse style has deep roots in history with an original design focus on function and use of materials available from the land such as wood, iron, and steel. The term farmhouse is more indicative of a lifestyle developed out of necessity and destined by geography. The farmhouse provided the farmer with a homestead with long porches to enhance the connection to the land and provide a transition from outdoors to indoors.

Today's Farmhouse design takes both form and function into consideration. A true Vernacular Farmhouse will incorporate local materials and natural colors into the design. Timber was one of the most readily available materials among early settlers and was often easy to come by; this is why there is such an emphasis on wood elements.

Wood elements and white tones are trademarks of the Farmhouse interior. White or other neutral tones enhance other colors, textures, and materials used throughout the interior. The color palette of the farmhouse style includes a lot of gray or greige tones, whites and blacks. Accent colors are typically used on the exterior and add personality and an inviting atmosphere. Bold or subdued hues work here, with common colors being barn red, robin's egg blue, forest green, or sunny yellow. (Take notes of color from nature).

Wood grains, whether light or dark, adds texture and warmth. Light woods make great complements, while darker hues offer a rich touch. This classic farmhouse built by Kolby Homes resides in Anderson, TX, minutes from College Station, TX and Bryan, TX. The vast porches and windows of this classic farmhouse would be perfect in Brenham, TX and Round Top, TX.

The controlled and edited design of the Farmhouse style allows all elements room to breathe and often has a relaxed and cozy vibe.

Farmhouse Elements

  • planked wood floors

  • simple, refined styling

  • glass front cabinets

  • sink aprons

  • beams, beams, beams

  • mixed metals

  • natural materials

  • layers of textures

  • open shelves

  • lots of natural light

  • large expansive porches

  • exposed brick

  • wood-planked walls and ceilings

Farmhouse Mood Board

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1 comentário

This American Farmhouse is absolutely gorgeous! You get such a good feeling just being in it. It feels luscious and rich, but it's so comfortable, warm and welcoming. An awesome house!

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