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Hill Country Home Inspired by The Central Texas landscape.

Updated: Jan 17, 2021


Texas Hill Country style is a look with a strong influence rooted from European immigrants who settled the area. It takes inspiration from the land and the available materials, strengthening its connection to its natural surrounding. The early settlers to the hills of central Texas were known for their carpentry and stone masonry skills. With an abundance of white limestone, sandstone, and cedar indigenous to the Texas Hill Country, the settlers constructed beautifully crafted homes from the local materials, resulting in a style that is rich in texture and authenticity that reviles a home with modern rustic elegance.

The interiors are often adorned with stone and timber to enhance the connection to the land and embrace the Texas Landscape's rustic elements, rich in texture, warm hues, and natural materials. Fredericksburg, Texas, with its old German cottages adorned with limestone, hold a strong influence in today's modern Hill Country homes. Weathered and old-world wood provide an authentic texture and beautiful warm contrast to any Hill Country interior. Warm earthy tones play off the land's natural landscape, with soft touches of greens and blues to further compliment the landscape.

Texas Hill Country Kitchen, Pendants, wood trim, cabinets, Kitchen Island
Pull Up a seat at this inviting island.

Large windows and extended porches grace the Texas Hill Country home to take in the expansive Hill Country landscape. Window and exterior trim lean towards a warm bronze to complement the Texas stone and Old World timbers' warm notes.

To keep a Texas Hill Country home timeless and current, consider adding light and contrasting tones to the traditional warm hues; this will make the home light and airy with a current and timeless style.

Vaulted wood ceiling, tall windows, Texas Hill Country living room
A beautifully balanced Texas Hill Country Living Room with warm tones and airy elements.


A beautifully crafted Texas Hill Country Style by Kolby Homes will reflect vernacular architecture as if it has existed for many years with a strong connection to the land.

We love the Texas influences styled to perfection with layers of rich textures and natural hues borrowed from the Central Texas Landscape.

Soft hues of green and blue will add subtle pops of color enhancing the connection to the landscape. Rich layers of texture will add depth and interest to the interior. The warm woods, old time clay vases and rich assortment of baskets balance the warm and natural tones of the art work in this Texas Hill Country hall.



Warm earthy tones mixed with natural materials add layers of depth and interest. Landscape artwork mimics the rolling hills of Texas and enhances the natural soft green palette. The warmth from the Texas Post Oak floors and natural antlers adds a Texas flair that furthers the land connection.

Check out our custom Hill Country Plan designed and drawn by Clay Kolby. Contact us today to begin drafting and designing your Texas Hill Country Home.

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