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Modern Classic Home

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

A style that perfectly blends elements of old and new!

The Clean lines, soft palette and architectural details blend together to create a modern classic style.

Mixing simplicity with traditional features creates warm and impactful spaces. Clean lines paired with warm colors and textures keep a space fresh and modern while also adding notes of an old era warmth. Kolby homes is currently building a farmhouse style home in Anderson, Texas, just minutes outside College Station, TX and Bryan, TX. The home will be a classic farmhouse with modern day elements that will include a mix of materials. This style home would be beautiful in the rolling hill country of Brenham, TX or Round Top, TX.

Neutral walls create the perfect canvas for artwork and statues and allow the space to be layered in rich textures and soft colors. A modern classic design has a simplicity merged with a refined design focusing on quality and luxurious materials. These materials bridge the gap between the modern and traditional elements, taking a classic piece and adding an element of surprise merges the two styles elegantly.

A modern classic home is styled with an edited restraint and focus on architectural details such as beams, molding, cabinetry, shiplap and interior doors. Taking a classic style and adding a modern-day, or current twist adds new life to an old classic.

Highlighting and defining characteristics of a home, such as vaulted ceilings, sets the tone and creates a memorable ambiance. Bright whites enhance architectural features making a timeless and memorable experience.

The classic color palette is a combination of varying shades of brown, grey, black, white, and beige. A neutral and cohesive color palette grounds the look and keeps the elements from feeling too eclectic. Add a variety of neutral tones and textures for added contrast and warmth.

A refined blend of modern elements and a comfortable, relaxed aesthetic creates the perfect balance between old and new.

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